Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I transfer all of my data from my current application to Fortuna?

A1. You can only transfer data that is relevant and displayed by Fortuna. For importing and setting up your property management a setup assistant is available.

Q2. How do I transfer of data from our previous application?

A2. Data can be imported using our Import Specification File.

Q3. I have not reconciled my Trust account. Can I move on to using Fortuna? Do I have to wait for my Month End?

A3. Yes it is recommended to reconcile your Trust Account prior to set up in Fortuna. The setup assistant will take you through the essential steps of setting up your Trust account. You will have to re-enter some of last month's Transactions which have not been reconciled. The setting up of the Trust account is done in line with the way most commercial accounting software work.

Q4. Can Fortuna handle my Marketing Transactions?

A4. Yes. There is a advertising module that is linked to the trust account. You may pay directly for advertising expenses from your Trust Account.

Q5. I have a Single-User license but would like different log ins. Is this possible?

A5. You can have different log ins and passwords for different staff. However a single-user license only allows one user to use the product. If you need to install the software on more than one computer you must have a multi-user license and you must install the Software on a Server machine.

Q6. I need a customized report. How do I do it?

A6. Fortuna is equipped with an inbuilt report editor. You can drag and drop available fields to the report layout editor and save the report as a template. If we received several requests for a particular type of report we may include it as an item under the reports menu.

Q7. What are the Installation charges?

A7. The single-user version is deployed with an installer. This will install the program files as required onto your hard disk. There are no installation charges for installation of single-user versions. However multi-user versions require an on-site installation by our staff. We may use 3rd Party trained technicians to perform the installation for remote sites. These installations are chargeable.

Q8. What about Training, Setup and Importing Data.

A8. We provide on-site training at reasonable hourly rates. We will provide you (free) with the import specification for the import of clients and listings. Howeaver the transfer of data from your old application may be chargeable and the actual rate will depend on the work involved.

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