Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Fortuna Cloud Based?

A1. Fortuna is available in both stand alone desktop and cloud-based editions. The cloud based version needs a one-off installation. It works in its own environment and is not dependent on any browser. Fortuna is similar to Outlook 365, Skype, iTunes, Dropbox and many other cloud applications that need a one time installation. The data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any PC and Mac. "Fortuna Connect Web" allows you to access Fortuna from any browser. "Fortuna Connect App" is the mobile app for iOS and Android. This combination gives you the best of both worlds! The power, functionality and speed of the desktop for your database intensive operations such as Email marketing, Accounting and CRM. The portability and freedom of the browser to access and update your client information from anywher!. Have a look at the features page on this website for more information.

Q2. Does this mean I have to sacrifice on a number of browser based functions like Google Maps, Portal Uploads, Emails?

A2. Not at all! In fact Fortuna has browsers running inside web areas. Web areas are state of the art active browsers that are connected to the internet and the application at the same time. Fortuna has inbuilt web areas for Google Maps, HTML Email Client, HTML Editors, Widgets, Dashboards and mmany more. All these are web based functions that work from within the application. This gives you a much better user experience and tighter integration with your data.

Q3. How can I control which clients and properties users get access to?

A3. Fortuna has an access control system. Access groups are configured under Agent, Reception, Accounts and Administration. Each user is then assigned an access grouo. This way you can change the access of users by their role in the company. Each access group is fully customisable and can control access to their own listings and clients. Access can also be controlled for important functions such as Accounts, Admin Settings, commission statements, property management, email marketing, portal uploads and enquiry capture.

Q4. Can Fortuna capture Enquiries from REA and Domain?

A4. Fortuna has an inbuilt email client. You can receive enquiries directly into the database via email. Enquiries can be automatically assigned using an even distribution or manual allocation. The Enquiry is automatically created in the CRM as a buyer and also linked to the agent and the property. Repeated enquiries from the same enquiry email are detected to avoid duplicate data entries.

Q5. Can I transfer my data from my current application to Fortuna?

A5. There is a very flexible tool which can import data from many different sources and formats. You don't need to export your columns in any particular order. The import tool allows you to align the columns and also set the default delimiter (eg: Tab or CSV). For importing and setting up your property management a setup assistant is available.

Q6.How does Fortuna do Email Marketing?

A6. Fortuna integrates with MailChimp. There are a number of inbuilt Email Templates for property guides and newsletters which will merge the property and client data automatically. You can schedule email campaigns in advance. Fortuna allows you to track opens, clicks and bounces from within the application. Their online activity is also captured in the operator log.

Q7. I have not reconciled my Trust account. Can I move on to using Fortuna? Do I have to wait for my Month End?

A7. Yes it is recommended to reconcile your Trust Account prior to set up in Fortuna. The setup assistant will take you through the essential steps of setting up your Trust account. You will have to re-enter some of last month's Transactions which have not been reconciled. The setting up of the Trust account is done in line with the way most commercial accounting software work.

Q8. Can Fortuna handle my Marketing Transactions?

A8. Yes. There is a advertising module that is linked to the trust account. You may pay directly for advertising expenses from your Trust Account.

Q9. I have a Single-User license but would like different log ins. Is this possible?

A9. You can have different log ins and passwords for different staff. However a single-user license only allows one user to use the product. If you need to install the software on more than one computer you will need to subscribe to the cloud version.

Q10. Do I need to manage a Server Machine?

A10.The Fortuna Cloud Version does not need you to manage expensive servers. Your Application Server is hosted on super fast VPS (virtual private servers) on Amazon and Mammoth.

Q11. How secure is my data?

A11.Fortuna's Data is stored on highly secure cloud servers. Communication to and from the server is also encrypted. All the other software providers host your data on the same server and same file for all customers. Fortuna is hosted on dedicated servers for each site with its own IP address. This ensures complete segregation of your precious client data. It is impossible for anyone to access your data accidentally or otherwise. You can also restrict access by IP range ensuring max security and peace of mind.

Q12. I need a customized report. How do I do it?

A12. Fortuna is equipped with an inbuilt report editor. You can drag and drop available fields to the report layout editor and save the report as a template. If we received several requests for a particular type of report we may include it as an item under the reports menu.

Q13. What are the Installation charges?

A13. The single-user version is deployed with an installer. This will install the program files as required onto your hard disk. There are no installation charges for installation of single-user versions. However multi-user versions require an on-site installation by our staff. We may use 3rd Party trained technicians to perform the installation for remote sites. These installations are chargeable.

Q14. What about Training, Setup and Importing Data?

A14. We provide online training at reasonable hourly rates. We will provide you (free) with the import specification for the import of clients and listings. Howeaver the transfer of data from your old application may be chargeable and the actual rate will depend on the work involved.

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