Appointments and Tasks

Access your appointments and tasks alll from one place. You can record your daily notes and keep track of your appointments from here. You can see which tasks are due and navigate directly to the client or property file withou tleaving the dashboard. As a Manager or Director you can also keep track of the activities of each staff member. The calendar allows you to navigate to any day in the past or future to check the appointments and tasks. Ad hoc appointments and tasks can also be added using the button grid.


Manage your listings

You can view your current stocklist, check the expiry date, number of offers and enquiries without leaving the dashboard! The button grid allows you to add inspection arrangements, buyers, enquiries and appraisals.


Business Performance

Get an instant snapshot of how your business is performing. Interactive charts help you keep track of your revenue, conversion data and enquiry sources



You have an open house and forgot to check the weather? You need not worry. The dashboard gives you live the local weather directly from your local met office. You can even change the background, weather units and also set the location.


REA Widgets

You can check all your current listings on realestate.com.au - Australia's #1 real estate website. The REA wdiget allows you to view and link directly to your current listings.