Less Clicks - More Action

Fortuna's intuitive design allows you to access functions with just a few clicks. You don't have to move from page to page looking for a way to do your everyday operations: for example sending a bulk SMS/ Email message or merging letters. All the functions can be easily accessed from one screen by a simple right click or using the toolbar. Flexible record selection allows you to work with one or many records. The alphabetical search allows you to quickly search for clients by their name and surname. These are just some of the functions that make it a pleasure to work with your database.


Navigation Pane

The navigation panel allows you to filter your buyers and sellers easily. When you click a folder in the Navigation Pane, that folder becomes the active folder and you can work with the clients within it. You can filter buyers by budget and property type. You can quickly select clients based on Motivation, Classification and Profile.


Communicate easily

Whether you want to reach the clients by Email, SMS, Letters or just Call, all the comm functions can be easily accessed by a simple right click or using the purpose built toolbar. Inbuit templates allow you to merge data instantly. Templates can be modified to suit your requirements.



Fortuna allows you to group clients into favorites. For example you have a new project coming up. You have identified buyers who would be interested in this project. With just a few clicks you can create a new favorite group and add the buyers to this group. Each client can be under several favorite groups. Favorites can be added, deleted on the fly. Favorites further extends the default client classification options. The use of Favorites is only limited by your imagination. In a mulit-user environment Favorites are user based. Each user can have his/ her own set of Favorites and does not have to be limited by the global default settings.


Reports and Labels

Want to generate a custom report? Fortuna's powerful report editor allows you to design your own reports. You can choose which columns to set, choose the fonts, headings and sort order and save the report as a template. The label editor can be configured to print address labels on your label stationary.



Sort and Search

Fortuna is designed for intensive database operations. You can handle several thousand records at once. As your database gets bigger these sort and search functions become more valuable. You can sort by any column or do a custom sort using one or many fields the sort editor. Keyword and custom searches are made available with the powerful Query Editor.




Auto link is a powerful auto relate function that allows you to bring up the list of related listing records. For example:
- you want to quickly bring up all the properties owned by an investor
- you want to see which properties a buyer has enquired on



Buyer - Property Match On Steroids!

Fortuna allows you to instantly match buyers to property with the collapsible pro-mark panel. (Prospect - Marketing Panel). Simply highlight the potential buyer and instantly match suitable properties. Flexible matching options allow you to narrow or broaden the search. You can talk to the buyer of the available properties. Give them vital information about each property. Open the property location in Google Maps to view the surroundings. Get feedback from the buyer about the property and collate the information in the property and client file.