Why Fortuna?


  • Reach more prospects
  • The well designed CRM system allows you to sort, search, filter, group, categorize and archive like no other program can. The most successful agents are those that are able to engage with their clients in a way that you are seen as a value added Service Provider rather than a commission grabbing Sales Person. Fortuna's design is based on the requirement of getting new listings, attracting genuine buyers and developing long term relations with your prospect, current and ex clients. With Fortuna you will have a treasure trove of opportunities within no time!  This integrated with the Email, SMS, Mail Merge and Operator Log allows you to reach and interact with your client base effectively and efficiently.

  • Power of the desktop + Cloud access from anywhere!
  • Fortuna combines the best of desktop applications and cloud computing. You no longer have to deal with kludgy, slow web based applications, that are difficult to operate, have limited functionality and even more difficult to customise to your needs. We offer both onsite and offsite options for hosting your database with zero administration server and world class security. Unlike remote desktop and other screen emulation software our software runs in a virtual cloud using the resources on your computer to give you an unbeatable and seamless user experience. Fortuna's native application for Mac and Windows is well complimented by the Fortuna Connect Apps for Web and Mobile. Thus giving you full flexibility of working from any device and anywhere. You can run your application from home, cafe, on  site or at your office. 

  • Giving you features that work!
  • First thing you will notice when you start using Fortuna or downloading the FREE version is that there are very few bugs. We have not just thrown together features but rather features that work. The various sections of the program are well designed and highly intuitive to give both flexibility and ease of use!

  • One database to cater for all your offices needs.
  • The Fortuna system will grow with your office needs. You can add users, accounting functions, property management, commission statements without relying on multiple applications. The system is one of very few applications (if any) that handles all your CRM, Advertising, Marketing, Administration, Sales Management and Property Management all from one central database!

  • Stay ahead of your competition at all times!
  • We have come up with several firsts when it comes to innovation. We also incorporate changes and functionality after reviewing customer demands. Whether you are using the Jenman system or wanting to setup a highly effective marketing strategy you will find all the necessary functions within Fortuna. The excellent design allows you to customize the software the way you work and not the other way round!

  • Simple, Clear, Easy.
  • Our software frequently undergoes usability testing. We want to ensure that despite the underlying complexity the software is user-friendly and easy to understand. We do not rely on large training teams and expensive seminars to explain how to use the product. Where possible a help file is readily available from within the application and excellent support services are available through chat, online forums, email tickets and phone .

  • Send your Productivity and Profits soaring!
  • Do more with Less! The highly effective Action Plan module allows you to automatically manage mundane tasks such as handling new enquiries, new buyers, listings, advertising, exchanges, settlements, mail outs and more. Setup the action plans, delegate your tasks and watch the tasks being distributed to each staff's daily diary! This allows you to reduce working costs and focus on your main business.

  • Cost Effective
  • Fortuna is a multi-purpose multi-facetted application that grows with your needs. Fortuna allows you to handle your CRM, Trust Accounts, Portal Uploads, Email Marketing and Property Management all from one database. Not only does this save you money on numerous subscriptions but also time in avoiding duplicate data entries. Having all your data in one place avoids data fragmentation and gives you a better picture of your client relations and increased opportunities.